Petroleum liquids, solvents, fuels

Petroleum liquids, solvents, fuels

Belli Meccanica pumps are widely used in all process and transfer applications in the oil and hydrocarbons sector. From refineries to port depots of fuel and mineral oils, our pumps are particularly appreciated for their quality and reliability and for their particular technical features.

Pumps for petroleum liquids, solvents, fuels: Type "C" - Type "L" - Type MAG"

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Resine e vernici

Paints and resins

The resin and paint industry needs extremely reliable pumps. The pumps are used in every phase of the production of paints, from pumping raw materials such as resins and pigments, to the packaging of finished products.

Pumps for paints and resins:Type L - Mag Type

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Poliolo - Isocianato

Polyol and Isocyanate

Polyurethane is used in a wide range of applications to create various consumer or industrial products and in the production of various common use objects. It is also widely used in the construction sector as insulation and in sandwich panels.

Pumps for polyol and Isocyanate:Type "L" - Type "MAG"

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Prodotti alimentari ed olio extra-vergine

Alimentary and liquids

In the application with extra virgin olive oil, using pumps that gently move the liquid without emulsifying it, is very important in order to preserve the quality.

Pumps for alimentary and liquid: Type "C" - Serie L - Type "MAG"

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Nutrizione animale

Animal nutrition

Molasses is a by-product of beet or sugar cane process that is widely used both in the food industry and in animal nutrition industry.

Pumps for animal nutrition: Type "C"-Type "L"

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Prodotti chimici ed emulsioni

Chemicals and emulsions

Plasticizers, surfactants, emulsions, additives, Belli Meccanica produces a wide range of pumps for every application in the chemical sector also according to the Atex zone 1 directive.

Pumps for chemicals and emulsions: Type "C" - Type "L" - Type "MAG"

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Olii esausti e solventi

Waste oils and solvents

The recovery of industrial waste, such as waste solvents, waste hydrocarbons, mineral oils, and their disposal or regeneration represents an increasingly important and growing sector of the green economy.

Pumps for waste oils and solvent: Type "C" - Type "L"

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Amido e colla per carta e cartone

Starch glue for carton and paper

In the packaging industry, corrugated cardboard represents the most used material. It consists of two layers of corrugated paper held together with glues from natural starches.

Pumps for starch glue for carton and paper: Type "C" - Type "L"

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