Paints and resins

The resin and paint industry needs extremely reliable pumps. The pumps are used in every phase of the production of paints, from pumping raw materials such as resins and pigments, to the packaging of finished products.

The environment in which the pumps are installed is often Atex zone 1.

Resins, paints, inks, pigments, printing pastes, as well as glues and mastics, by their nature tend to get solid and catalyze on the faces of mechanical seals and this can cause problems of leakage. When selecting the pump, the viscosity of the liquid must be considered, which can vary from low viscosity products such as in the case of inks, to the very high viscosity rate of printing pastes. In application with paints and pigments, the abrasive effect (especially in the case of wall paints for the civil construction sector) on the moving mechanical parts causing wear must be considered.
Our pumps are widely appreciated in this sector of application thanks to the high reliability and capability of Belli Meccanica to offer solutions focused on the specific field of use. Thanks to the high dry suction capability of our pumps and the capability to operate at low revolutions per minute, our range of pumps perfectly adapts to any viscosity up to over 100000 cps. The models most used for this sector of use are pumps with external rear seal (L series) or magnetic drive pumps (MAG series). In the case of L series pumps, we offer solutions that include the use of double mechanical seals arranged in tandem or cartridge, combined with our own design flushing systems with barrier liquid according to the API Plans.

Furthermore using the L series pumps, thanks to the structure with the seal in the external rear position, any maintenance operation that includes the replacement of the seal is very simplified since it is possible to replace the seal from back without removing the pump body (back pull out design).
The operating principle of our pumps is particularly reliable also in applications with abrasive paints, such as in the case of wall paints, because of the elastic operating principle can compensate the wear that happens during long time use and the elastic operating principle performs good also with liquids containing suspended solids or lumps.

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