Skids and tailor made solutions

We design and build complete skids, also according to ATEX standards, equipped with pumps, electrical panel, PLC, piping, valves, flow meters, filters, baseplate and any other component necessary for a complete package ready for use for any application. The design and construction are done according to the customer's specifications, making available all our experience in the plant engineering sector to our customers

Our skids to offer a complete ready-to-use solution

Our skids are designed and developed by our technicians according to customer needs to offer a complete tailor-made solution that guarantees ease of use and reliability in any application, even for ATEX 1 classified areas. The skid provides to the pump with all the components necessary to optimize its operation and to connect the pump to the rest of the plant through a complete ready-to-use package designed and optimized according to the process specifications.

It is usually composed of a baseplate equipped with a collection tank, electrical panel, flow meter, pressure gauge, pre-filter, valves, piping, wheels and anything else required by the customer specifications. We can also provide advanced 4.0 solutions with electrical panel complete with programmable PLC and instrumentation interconnected to the factory network through a special software and man-machine interface. In this case, the pump and electrical panel assembly are compliant to the requirements of industry 4.0.

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Custom pumps and custom solutions

Custom pumps and custom solutions

Our company can provide customers with tailor-made solutions designed on the basis of the specific application and on the basis of the technical features requested by the customer. The tailor-made design starts from a specific request of the customer who submits a technical problem regarding a particular application that is out of the range offered by standard pumps available on the market. The problem is analysed by our technicians that, thanks to our experience, develop a preliminary solution to be submitted to the customer and optimized according to the particular requirements. After the initial evaluation, the next step is to refine the solution and to develop the pump, starting from the design and sizing, from the selection of materials, to the executive drawings. Then approach to the manufacturing of the pump parts and then we have the final assembly. The last phase of the process consists of bench tests, quality checks and reports and finally the delivery of the pump to the customer.

Custom pumps series AP

Custom pumps series AP

The "AP" series process pumps are part of the tailor made production of Belli Meccanica. The body of these pumps is equipped with a particular structure with guide that allows to work up to 15bar of pressure in continuous service 24/7. The pump body is designed and custom made according to the flow rate and operating pressure required, in order to produce a pump with specific sizing and perfectly calibrated on the application. The materials are selected according to the characteristics of the liquid to be pumped and go from cast iron and carbon steel to stainless steels with hardening treatment or hard coatings. This type of pump is also manufactured according to Atex zone 1 standards, with single or double body and with flow rates up to 500mc / h and is used in all those processes where very high reliability is required in continuous service. For example fuel supply of burners or injection of additives or methyl esters in large pressure pipes are typical applications of these pumps. The AP series pumps have an impressive dry suction capacity: 0.9 bar of relative vacuum (9 meters of water column).

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