Animal nutrition

Molasses is a by-product of beet or sugar cane process that is widely used both in the food industry and in animal nutrition industry.

In the production of animal feed, the so-called CPB is also used, which is a molasses added with water, therefore more fluid. Molasses in general presents considerable problems in pumping because, due to its adhesiveness, it tends to create deposits and crusts both in pumps and in other process machines such as mixers. It is also a viscous and rather abrasive liquid on the moving mechanical parts of pumps and machinery. Belli Meccanica pumps are particularly appreciated in the pumping of molasses thanks to the capability of working with high viscosity products, the high suction capability and above all the high resistance to abrasion. Generally, pumps with external rear seal L series are used at low revolutions per minute in order to optimize reliability. The seals used in pumping molasses vary from the classic packing seal, up to more advanced solutions such as packing combinations with rear containment ring and flushing liquid. Furthermore with the use of the L Series pumps, thanks to the structure with seal in rear external position, any maintenance operation that include the replacement of the seal is very simplified since it is possible to replace it without removing the pump body.

Animal fats, tallow, lard are used both in the food industry and in animal nutrition. These are liquids which are solid and pasty at room temperature but which become liquids at temperatures of around 40-60 ° C. In this type of application, mainly Series C or Series L pumps equipped with a heating jacket are used. The jacket is connected through fittings connections to the hot water or steam line in the system, so that keeping the pump at a certain temperature and preventing the grease or tallow from solidifying is ensured. The high suction capability of our pumps and the capability of adapting to any type of viscosity make our pumps particularly suitable for this type of use.


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