In the application with extra virgin olive oil, using pumps that gently move the liquid without emulsifying it, is very important in order to preserve the quality.

It’s very important also the use of stainless materials for avoiding contamination of extra virgin olive oil with oxides and for not compromise the flavor and purity. In the recent years the use of entirely stainless steel pumps for the handling of extra virgin olive oil is increased in Italy and worldwide. This solution unfortunately was not adopted in the past when cast iron pumps were widely used. Our stainless steel pumps are used in the main Italian and foreign oil mills and are particularly appreciated for their quality and their technical features that perfectly adapt to the whole industrial process of extra virgin olive oil. From pressing to filtering with fossil flour or carton filters and subsequent storage and bottling, we are able to offer the best solutions for every application.

In the transfer application of olive between tanks, our pumps are particularly appreciated for their dry suction capability that allows you to position the pump also far away from the suction tank. In this case, double or triple body pumps with flow rates up to 500mc / h are often used. In the olive oil filtration phase using a robust and reliable pump is very important because of the pump must work for many hours pushing the oil through the filter. Our C series or L series single body pumps are widely used in this kind of application.
Another important and particularly appreciated feature of our pumps is the capability of working with solid parts, in fact olive oil, especially if raw and unfiltered, often contains solid parts that can be processed without problems by our pumps.

In addition to the olive oil sector, Belli Meccanica pumps are also widely used in the production, storage and refining of various types of vegetable oils, such as seed, coconut or rapeseed oil, and in the pumping of oleins and fatty acids.

In the case of high viscosity products such as greases, margarine and palm oil, our pumps are highly appreciated for their great dry suction capacity and the capability of adapting also to high viscosities thanks to the low rpm operation speed. For fats and margarine we supply pumps equipped with heating jacket with connections for hot water or steam lines of the plant system.

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