Waste oils and solvents

The recovery of industrial waste, such as waste solvents, waste hydrocarbons, mineral oils, and their disposal or regeneration represents an increasingly important and growing sector of the green economy.

Vegetable waste oils from frying are collected at the source (door to door) and recycled or used as bio fuels.
Belli Meccanica produces pumps specifically designed for the process and collection of waste oils and solvents but also for the recovery of fuel tank sludge. The main critical point of this type of application is that waste products are dirty, rich in solid parts and contaminated by other types of substances.
Thanks to their particular operating principle, Belli Meccanica pumps allow the pumping of liquids containing solid parts, sludge and impurities of various kinds. In addition, the high dry suction capability allows the recovery or the transfer of these waste liquids even from negative head, or literally going to suck from the above opening of the tank. In the case of applications with waste solvents or waste hydrocarbons, C or L series pumps are supplied according to the ATEX zone 1 directive.
For door-to-door collecting applications of exhausted oil by truckvan, Belli Meccanica has created a particular type of Series C pump with 12 or 24V DC motor, so that it can be installed on vans and powered by the vehicle battery or with an auxiliary battery. The pump is equipped with a double ring seal so as to be able to process dirt and sludge, and is designed maximizing the dry suction effect so as to allow the operator to use also a very long suction pipe. In fact the hollow disk pumps of the latest generation Belli Meccanica has a dry suction capacity of up to 0.9bar negative thanks to the particular internal geometries and wider sliding surfaces.


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