Petroleum liquids, solvents, fuels

Belli Meccanica pumps are widely used in all process and transfer applications in the oil and hydrocarbons sector. From refineries to port depots of fuel and mineral oils, our pumps are particularly appreciated for their quality and reliability and for their particular technical features.

The high dry suction capacity, the capability to process dirty liquids containing solid parts, the reversibility, the intrinsic safety offered in ATEX applications, make our pumps perfect for any type of use.
In the transfer operations between tanks or in the port loading and unloading operations of ships or tank trains, the self-priming capability of the pump is particularly appreciated. Our pumps offer great performances also in installations with very long suction pipes or in pumping operations from underground tanks. The possibility of reversing the flow simply by reversing the rotation sense of the electric motor is very useful in transfer operations because it allows you to empty the suction pipe once the transfer operation is completed.

The capability of working with dirty liquids containing solid parts is essential for the reliability and safety of handling liquids such as crude oil (which often contains sands and solid parts) or oil sludge, but also in the transfer of oils and fuels in which solid parts and dirt coming from the tanks are sometimes present.

The ATEX zone 1 compliance of our pumps ensures maximum safety in the handling of highly flammable substances such as gasoline, kerosene, aviation gasoline, diesel fuel and solvents. The low rotation speed guarantees safety even in the case of dry running without having to use temperature control probes and makes our pumps intrinsically safe.

The pumps are also supplied on skid complete with flowmeter, filters, electrical panel, valves and piping and equipped with diesel engine if used in areas that are not reached by the electric network.

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