Starch glue for carton and paper

In the packaging industry, corrugated cardboard represents the most used material. It consists of two layers of corrugated paper held together with glues from natural starches.

Belli Meccanica supplies pumps to the corrugated carton industry for the transfer of glue starch. The starch for corrugated carton is a medium viscosity water-based liquid with a tendency to solidify, being indeed a glue, and with a very inhomogeneous composition that often creates crusts and deposits both in the machinery and in the pipes, which can be abrasive on the mechanical parts moving.

The C and L series pumps are the optimal choice for the transfer of starch as the hollow disk operating principle is able to work well with the inhomogeneous and lumpy nature of the starch, adapting to the solid parts and compensating any wear that can happen on the pump disk. The optimal type of seal is the one of the L series pumps with an external rear seal since any leakage of the seal does not compromise the operation of the pump. In addition, with the use of the L Series pumps, thanks to the structure with the seal in the external rear position, any maintenance operations that include the replacement of the seal are very simplified since it is possible to replace it without removing the pump body .


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